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            Help & FAQs

            Australia’s juiciest provider of nbnTM

            NBN / Getting Connected

            Yes you can. This applies when you are just about to move and would like to receive your modem to your current address still or you just couldn't rece... Read More
            Yes you do! All Tangerine&nbsp;NBN plans&nbsp;include a static (fixed) IP address. This is useful if you wish to access computer or other connected e... Read More
            Sometimes you will need to manually cancel your ADSL service after getting connected to NBN as it doesn't happen automatically. This is required for F... Read More
            For some NBN connection there is no need to keep an active telephone service. NBN plans and bundles can be provided with no need to pay for traditiona... Read More
            Firstly you need to be in an area that has had the nbn installed.&nbsp; Currently nbn is rolling out across the country area by area.&nbsp; Once nbn ... Read More
            As soon as your NBN service is activated billing does commence. We are keen for you to get online with your new NBN plan as soon as possible so you ca... Read More
            The NBN will be available to everyone in due course with the service being rolled out across Australia in stages. &nbsp; You can find out when the N... Read More
            Moving home?Relocating an NBN service to a new address can now be processed from our Self Care Portal. TIP: Before you request to move your service, ... Read More
            Depending on how NBN is delivered to your property and your property's NBN readiness this will vary from just 1 day to around 3 weeks. You can check y... Read More
            A fixed wireless provider reaches the customer through a wireless signal sent from a transmission tower into the customers&rsquo; area. This connects ... Read More
            It generally takes between 2-3 weeks to transfer an existing telephone number from another provider to Tangerine. This is dependent on the losing prov... Read More
            Is your Installation date coming up and you are still not sure what to do? Below are some helpful guides that you can read on to know more on what you... Read More
            We will keep you up to date regularly on the progress of your order via email or sms. It is important that you look out for these as they will includ... Read More
            In April 2015 the government announced that they would introduce a New Development Charge that would be applicable to certain greenfield developments ... Read More
            In some instances you will need to request cancellation of your original NBN service when transferring to Tangerine Telecom. This will vary based on t... Read More
            The following settings can be used to configure your device for use on the NBN network with Tangerine: &nbsp; Authentication: &nbsp; ISP... Read More
            Tangerine currently offers a special price on the NBN New Development Fee. Instead of the usual $300 inc GST charge that NBN Co charge to Retail Servi... Read More
            In some situations, you might need to check if there is an active phone line at the property especially when you just moved in. An easy way to check i... Read More
            The National Broadband Network is made up of a series of fibre optic cables. The cables run out from a Point of Exchange (or POI) in your local area.&... Read More
            There are several ways for nbn&trade; to be connected to your premises. Check out our how does nbn&trade;work? FAQ for more information. Read More
            NBN&trade; stands for National Broadband Network. It is the service in which the majority of Australians use to access the internet from their homes a... Read More
            There are various reasons why is your order On hold, we have created a guide which helps you understand why is the order on hold and what needs to be ... Read More
            When your nbn&trade; approved technician arrives, you can ask to see their ID before giving them access to your premises. They&rsquo;ll then discuss ... Read More
            When connecting to an NBN Fiber to the premise connection, you have an option to install a Power supply unit with a battery back up. Tangerine Telecom... Read More

            NBN / Plans

            Choosing a plan might be a difficult one so we have put through a guide below to help you choose which one is the best for you. &nbsp; NBN Plans ... Read More
            Below you can find the Critical Information Summary for your Tangerine Telecom plan. NBN Broadband Plans - NBN Unlimited - Standard Speed (6 month p... Read More
            Yes you can. You can change your NBN plan&nbsp;connection speed at any time, up or down.&nbsp; Read More
            If you are going overseas or do not require your NBN service for a long period of time, it may be beneficial to put your NBN service on hold. We can ... Read More
            Yes you can! Tangerine Telecom supports the ability to set up a reverse DNS (PTR record) record on your NBN service. There is no additional charge fo... Read More
            Yes you do! All Tangerine&nbsp;NBN plans&nbsp;include a static (fixed) IP address. This is useful if you wish to access computer or other connected e... Read More
            Yes we do. Bring your existing home phone number with you or get a new one. Local, National and Calls to Mobile are included while Calls to 13/1300 nu... Read More
            No, Tangerine does not charge a fee to change speed on our NBN Plans.&nbsp;Feel free to change between plans as much as you need.&nbsp; Read More
            Yes we do! Check out the:&nbsp;XXL Speed Boost plan&nbsp;that is configured on nbn100 speed tier.&nbsp; We offer a Tier 5 NBN plan with typical eveni... Read More
            We are able to offer very competitive pricing on the nbn50 plan due to recent wholesale discounts offered by NBNTM&nbsp;to the telecommunications indu... Read More
            No. All our NBN plans are on no contract and there is no cancellation fee.&nbsp; Read More
            Absolutely not. All our NBN plans come with no contract and no setup fee. You are free to come and go as you please. If you have purchased a modem fr... Read More
            There is no charge for standard installation. This includes the visit from the technician. If NBN has deemed your property a new development, the&nbs... Read More
            Our 14 day risk free trial means if you are not completed satisfied with your Tangerine NBN service during the first 14 days of connection we will pro... Read More
            Some of the key benefits of switching to a Tangerine Telecom&nbsp;nbn&trade; Phone service&nbsp;include: Free calls between sites using Tangerine T... Read More
            All our NBN Plans are on no contract so you are free to cancel at any time*.&nbsp; Aside from calling us, you can now log in to our Self Care Portal ... Read More
            We currently offer three standalone NBN plans and three&nbsp;NBN bundle plans. All plans include unlimited data, no standard set up costs and no contr... Read More

            NBN / Modems

            The timing of when the modem is being ordered depends on your NBN Service Class and Preferred start date. You may refer to the below table for your g... Read More
            Tangerine Telecom (new and existing) customers may purchase modems from us. These can be purchased via our website www.linashoes.com or over... Read More
            No we do not lock our modems. If you were ever to leave you could use these with most other providers.&nbsp; Read More
            We do offer the opportunity to upgrade the modem at the time of ordering. This is useful if you wish to run your home network as fast as possible and ... Read More
            Unfortunately we can't. Our modems are delivered using Startrack Couriers and they are unable to deliver to a PO Box address. A signature is required... Read More
            It's important that you have read the&nbsp;BYO requirements&nbsp;before selecting this option with us. It is your responsibility to ensure your device... Read More
            As soon as your NBN service is activated billing does commence. We are keen for you to get online with your new NBN plan as soon as possible so you ca... Read More
            UPDATE: JUNE 2017: For NBN services ordered with Tangerine Telecom on or after 1st June 2017, VLAN Tagging is not required to be enabled on your NBN m... Read More
            Tangerine Telecom supports BYO (bring your own) NBN device for all Unlimited NBN Plans. For FTTN and FTTB connections a VDSL compatible modem is requi... Read More
            Tangerine supports a BYO modem/router option when connecting for NBN or Home Wireless Broadband. It is important that you are aware of your connection... Read More
            The standard modem is the Netcomm NF10WV. It includes Wifi and is perfectly suitable for most homes. You can connect up to 4 devices to it using an et... Read More
            To find out if your modem is NBN&trade; ready, check out the list of BYO compatible NBN&trade; modem routers here. Read More

            MyAccount / Payments

            We have recently changed the format of our invoice. Follow through the guide below to understand your bill and know how much you are billed for and kn... Read More
            Got a charge on your invoice that you are not sure of? Aside from calling us, you can now submit a Billing Enquiry from our Self Care Portal. &nbsp; ... Read More
            Monthly charges will start for your service when NBN is activated at your property. We will email you when this activation is complete and charges wil... Read More
            You can use your bank account for on-going payment. These can be entered during the sign up process and they will be used for ongoing payments.&nbsp; ... Read More
            Supplying your bank account details during sign up is not a requirement - it is optional. If you provide these they will be used for on-going payment ... Read More
            We require your account is settled monthly using a credit card or bank account direct debit. Direct debits are processed on the 15th of the month and... Read More
            Pre-payment of your first month NBN access is taken at the time of sign up. This pre-payment then sits on your account until your NBN service is activ... Read More
            When signing up for a service with us online a pre-payment is taken for your first month of ADSL or&nbsp;NBN bundle&nbsp;access fee. Charges for the s... Read More
            If the balance shows a negative amount, you do not need to make another payment. Here are a some of the reasons why: &nbsp; &nbsp; NEW C... Read More
            &nbsp; Online reviews &nbsp; We value online reviews from our customers whether they are positive or critical of our service. This allows others re... Read More
            Managing your bank details is available on our Self Help Portal. You may use your credit card or bank account for direct debit. (Bank Accounts do not... Read More
            Got your bill and not sure about the charges? Let us try to answer the Most Common Billing Queries, fees and charges. &nbsp; Common Billing Q... Read More
            Our Billing due date is every 15th of the month. If we did not receive a payment then, a $15 late fee (ex.GST) would apply. &nbsp; Late payment fees... Read More

            NBN / Troubleshooting

            One or several notebooks, smartphones, or other wireless device cannot find the FRITZ!Box's Wi-Fi network. When it searches for Wi-Fi networks, it doe... Read More
            You can easily open the user interface on all computers, smartphones, or tablets connected to the FRITZ!Box (for example over Wi-Fi) by entering the a... Read More
            You can protect the user interface of your FRITZ!Box against unauthorized access with a password of your choice. If you changed the default password o... Read More
            aWhat should you do if the FRITZ!Box user interface does not open when you enter fritz.box? If you cannot open the user interface on your computer, t... Read More
            The recovery tool can be used to restore your FRITZ!Box to working order. The recovery tool resets the FRITZ!Box to its factory settings and deletes a... Read More
            There are a number of reasons why an NBN service may be running slower than expected. It may be down to hardware and software configured on your home ... Read More
            In 2014 the Australian Government made the decision to use a mixed technology approach to the NBN rollout. This means that certain properties will use... Read More
            We support the use of a BYO modem or router for use with your NBN Plans with Tangerine. &nbsp; We recommend ensuring that you are familiar with your... Read More
            There are a number of things that you can try to help improve your Wifi coverage in your property. Wifi is now critical in a household where numerous... Read More
            To guard your home network against attack and prevent unauthorised access, it is very important that you follow this guide to secure your network &nb... Read More
            Unfortunately, we do not support IPv6 at the moment. Our network carrier only support IPv4 at this time. However, this may change in the future so sta... Read More
            Are you getting an error while accessing or &nbsp; We have created an online guide to help you gain access to your modem a... Read More
            Range extenders can work with the modems we offer but we cannot guarantee it's reliability. Here are some also alternative solutions other than Wi-Fi... Read More

            Mobile Plans

            With Tangerine on the Telstra mobile network you can check your remaining data balance at any time on screen by dialing *159# on the mobile handset. ... Read More
            Our global roaming travel packs can be added to any of our mobile plans and allow you to use your mobile service while overseas. Before going overseas... Read More
            Below are the charges that apply to call international numbers from within Australia using your Telstra mobile plan with Tangerine Telecom. If you hav... Read More
            If you choose to add an international add-on to your mobile plan the following destinations are included: &nbsp; Argentina, Bangladesh, Bangladesh (... Read More
            After you sign up for one of our SIM only mobile plans using the Telstra 4G network we will despatch a SIM card within 24 hours. This SIM card is a t... Read More
            The network capability of Tangerine Telecom&rsquo;s mobile solution has access to&nbsp;download speeds of up to 100Mbps on 4G across 97.9% of the popu... Read More
            Tangerine Telecom ABN 11 602 814 791 acts as a reseller and uses part of the 4G and 3G mobile network and capabilities of Telstra Corporation Limited ... Read More


            To keep an eye on your monthly ADSL usage you can log in to the billing portal through the Tangerine Telecom website using your account number and pas... Read More
            Modem security: all the Netcomm modems that Tangerine Telecom provides come with a preset wireless key/password that protects the user from outside us... Read More
            You may have noticed that the pricing on our&nbsp;ADSL/phone bundle deals&nbsp;is subject to which zone your address falls into. To find out please g... Read More
            In order to connect to Tangerine&nbsp;Telecom ADSL you must have a modem configured with the correct username and password. These will usually follow ... Read More

            My Account

            Got questions on your order or bills? Our Customer Service team is happy to help. You may contact them during these hours: Monday - Friday&nbsp; 8.... Read More
            We provide a number of spend management tools to help you manage your services with us. You can check your spending via our Member Portal, available&... Read More
            Below is some useful information you should&nbsp;read when joining Tangerine Telecom. Read More
            Here at Tangerine we value referrals from existing Tangerine users. &nbsp; What better way to say you love us than to refer us to a friend or family... Read More

            NBN? Phone

            Yes you can. We are able to port (transfer) your existing phone numbers onto an NBN Phone service. It's possible to utilise the phone port on the back... Read More
            Tangerine only supports international calling to the follow top 20 international destinations. International calling rates can be found below.Note: Th... Read More
            If you have a home phone service with us, you can use the following star codes to activate and deactive the service. Simply dial these from your telep... Read More

            Tangerine Telecom is rated 4.2 out of 5 by 2021 customers